Unbiased Review of GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy Inc. is a Multinational giant that offers domain registration and web hosting services. As per the latest report, there are more than 17 million customers and over 6,000 employees worldwide who are connected with this hosting provider. GoDaddy is well-known for advertising on television as well as newspapers, especially their super-bowl ads, and there has been a lot of good and bad being said about the company, so here’s what we’ve got to say.

Highlights of GoDaddy Services

Here are highlights of the various services offered by GoDaddy in a nutshell:

– Premium DNS
– Domain Brokerage
– Domain Backorders
– Personal Domain
– New Fancy TLDs
– Email Marketing

GoDaddy is the best web hosting company for those who require an affordable option, and it’s well known as the most trusted web hosting and world’s largest domain registrar, but people have different reviews regarding this company.

We observed that most of the blogs with over 500 daily traffic suffered from 502 timeouts and occasional outages, whereas all the new blogs with under 100 hits/day comfortably survived during our testing, and we were fairly happy for the value provided by GoDaddy at just Rs 99/mo, not to mention a free dot com domain.

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GoDaddy also helps in the process of bookkeeping, which means safe eCommerce can be done. Most of the customers are happy with the detailed reports of sales, purchases, and taxes.

If reliable hosting service is what your business is looking for, GoDaddy should be your go-to hosting provider.

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