Bentley Arnage Limousine

Reinforcing its position as the exclusive manufacturer in order to offer the true coach built commissions and after a significant growth of a year, Bentley Mulliner proudly brought out the new Arnage Limousine. It was built according to the direct response of the wishes of the customers of Bentley brand, around the globe.  Unlike other cars like the famous high roof Arnage of Bentley or state Limousine, which is especially manufactured for the people who use it in ceremonies, the recently released limousine was designed for the people who give value to their privacy.

Immediately recognizable from other models of Limousines of Bentley by the broad D-pillar aft placed at the rear doors of the car, the recent Limousine helps the passengers at the rear to sit deeply adjourned with a luxurious and unique interior. One look of the Limousine tells about the way the style has been changed. Because of the style change, there is also change in the Arnage’s visual feel too.

The important and primary modifications made to the car include the addition of 18 inch division of bodywork inside the wheelbase. The chassis of the car is also modified in order to accommodate the extra weight of the 18 inch division. Mostly, the customers of such cars prefer to travel at the rear seats. So, the extra added wheelbase occupied the place of 8 inches of the additional length placed in the D-pillar.

In terms of engineering, craftsmanship and styling, creation of such a car is a massive challenge. As there is a team of experts working on a committed department of Bentley Motors, according to the desires of customers Bentley Mulliner can respond with great speed. Due to this reason, creation of the car based on the complexity of new Limousine may take another manufacturer more than three years. The outcome is a car, which not only offers an unmatched comfort and a spacious, sumptuous rear cabin. From every angle it is pleasing aesthetically outside and inside.

Limousine is a majestic and large sized car but also discreet, subtle, and avoids ostentation. It is such a car, which cannot be invoked out of obscurity. This is not only because of its scrupulous engineering and design. This modification is something, which cannot be acquired or bought. Amongst all the luxurious car manufacturers in the world, this legacy exists only at Bentley.

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