T-Mobile Could Finally Beat Verizon this Time!

T-Mobile spent $8 Billion this April on new low band spectrums so that they can improve their wireless network, and that network is now officially online. Cheyenne, Wyoming, a cluster site for the company, is the first place in the entire country that was given access to T-Mobile’s 600 MHz network which is LTE.

The CTO of T-Mobile, Neville Ray said that this rollout is a massive milestone for the company and it would close up the coverage gap that T-Mobile has with Verizon.

This is a huge step for T-Mobile as new spectrum generally takes many years to roll out. The FCC grants licenses in June, but for T-Mobile, this time the network is online by August, which makes it much faster than what anyone expected.

Wyoming is just the start of many more to come by the end of 2017. The plan is to build coverage to sites in Eastern Washington, Central Virginia, Central Pennsylvania, Coastal North Carolina, Maine, Western North Dakota, Oklahoma Panhandle, Southwest Kansas, West Texas, Northwest Oregon and Wyoming.

600MHz spectrum is really challenging as TV stations use this spectrum currently. But the stations are moving to different frequencies now and T-Mobile is pulling money out of their own reserves to make this a faster shift for iPhone users.

Although there are currently no phones that support 600MHz LTE network, by the end of the year, LG and Samsung would have phones that support this spectrum. By 2018, almost all mobile devices would start supporting this spectrum, according to Ray.

Soon T-Mobile would become the largest network of United States.

Samsung Electronics CEO Shocks the Nation with His Resignation

The South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics is all set to report an all-time high profit in its third quarter but the CEO shocked the nation with his resignation news.

The company went through the period of turmoil when its de-facto head and heir to the Samsung empire, Lee Jae-Yong, was sent to jail over a bribery scandal. Then they had to recall their flagship product Galaxy Note 7 smartphone over the issue of exploding batteries.

Pulling through the trying times under the leadership of Kwon Oh-Hyun, the CEO of the company, the company was expected to post a quarterly profit of 14.5 trillion won. This amount is nearly thrice of what was reported in the same quarter last year.

The company did not specify the performance estimates of each business division but according to estimations, it’s the semiconductor business of the company that is predominantly responsible for boosting its bottom line.

The sales figures have also gone up by 29.65 percent this year. There was an increase in the price and shipment of DRAM and NAND memory chips as well. These are the company’s main products that are used in smartphones.

Despite this spectacular performance, Kwon announced his resignation. He said, “Fortunately, the company is now producing best-ever results but this is merely a fruit of decisions and investment made in the past. As we are confronted with unprecedented crisis inside out, I believe that time has now come for the company (to) start anew, with a new spirit and young leadership to better respond to challenges arising from the rapidly changing IT industry.”

The earnings are expected to be released later in this month.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017 Review

Nova Launcher Prime 2017 is one of the best rated Android Launchers in Google Play Store. It offers a high level of customization, which no other Android launcher offers. Though this application has many unique exciting features, the only con till date is Google Now integration. Fortunately, by the end of this year, Nova Launcher is expected to get this much-awaited feature.

Now, let’s see the in-depth features of the application, which make it the most loved app among the Android users.

Nova Launcher Prime APK always comes up with something innovative. This time, it is the new user interactions with the application. We navigate through our devices in two ways: swiping and tapping. Nova Launcher has done an in-depth analysis of how users interact with their smartphones and finally come with different interactions to operate applications on Android devices.

Nova Launcher Prime APK

With the swipe-and-tap interactions, you can assign two different actions to a single application. For example, if you are using WhatsApp camera for updating your status, you can assign “Tap” action to the stock camera application on android to open WhatsApp camera. In case you want to use the stock android camera, you can assign “Swipe” action to the stock camera icon. In this way, one icon can be assigned with multiple interactions.

Granular Icons

Nova Launcher Prime APK

Most of the Android launchers miss this feature. Sometimes, having stock android icons for applications seem depressive for us. In such cases, granular icon control helps you to assign custom icons to the android apps. Generally, one con with the icon packs is that every icon in the icon packs is assigned to the corresponding app installed on your Android device. Thanks to Nova Launcher – you can assign custom icons from different icons packs and assign to the stock android applications.

Homescreen Grid

We are moving to an era where handling 5.5 inches phablets are becoming more fashionable. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to utilize the beautiful large screen and end up wasting the screen space with just 4-by-4 grid structure.

Nova Launcher Prime APK

Fortunately, Nova Launcher Prime gives us endless opportunities to utilize this space with its home screen grid structure. To activate this feature, just go to the Settings page and select the “Desktop” option. You will be asked to choose the number of columns and rows you want in the home screen grid. You can also choose the padding style, assign the effects to the grid, and much more.

Nova Launcher Prime APK

Now that you know the best features of Nova Launcher Prime, which made it one of the most favourite apps for the android users, do give it a shot. Let us know your experience with this application in the ‘comments’ section below.

Unbiased Review of GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy Inc. is a Multinational giant that offers domain registration and web hosting services. As per the latest report, there are more than 17 million customers and over 6,000 employees worldwide who are connected with this hosting provider. GoDaddy is well-known for advertising on television as well as newspapers, especially their super-bowl ads, and there has been a lot of good and bad being said about the company, so here’s what we’ve got to say.

Highlights of GoDaddy Services

Here are highlights of the various services offered by GoDaddy in a nutshell:

– Premium DNS
– Domain Brokerage
– Domain Backorders
– Personal Domain
– New Fancy TLDs
– Email Marketing

GoDaddy is the best web hosting company for those who require an affordable option, and it’s well known as the most trusted web hosting and world’s largest domain registrar, but people have different reviews regarding this company.

We observed that most of the blogs with over 500 daily traffic suffered from 502 timeouts and occasional outages, whereas all the new blogs with under 100 hits/day comfortably survived during our testing, and we were fairly happy for the value provided by GoDaddy at just Rs 99/mo, not to mention a free dot com domain.

>>Grab Annual Hosting + Free Domain for Rs 1199<<

GoDaddy also helps in the process of bookkeeping, which means safe eCommerce can be done. Most of the customers are happy with the detailed reports of sales, purchases, and taxes.

If reliable hosting service is what your business is looking for, GoDaddy should be your go-to hosting provider.

The Second Generation Audi A7 Sportback Breaks All Records

Finally, the long wait is over. Recently, Audi revealed about its second-generation A7 Sportback. The new model is ahead in terms of technology. It is equipped with hi-end features, technology and heavily boosted with engine power.

The all-new A7 is so highly engineered that it can easily stand against its all-time rival BMW. Yes, we are talking about BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, which is now directly compared with A7 keeping its well-advanced features in mind.

2019 A7 is a familiar evolution of the previous first-gen A7, which was introduced way back in the year 2007. The end part of rafters is designed eyeing the new A8 model, which also covers the cascading grille and sleek headlamps.

The all-new A7 follows the Audi benchmark, which can be easily seen by the Matrix-LED headlights and the unique Audi laser unit. Talking about the dimension of the car, it is 4969x1908x1422mm where the wheel size is 21-inch.

It is equipped with an integrated spoiler, which automatically comes into action when the car reaches 120kmph of speed. The rear tail lights are designed in a unique way such that they are flat and sleek. It has also been heard that Audi will follow the same design henceforth for all its top end models.

Good news for customers is that they have come up with fifteen colors out of which eight are all-new in the market.

The interior cabin is designed keeping A8 flagship in mind. For convenience, A7 is offering two screens to its customers – one for infotainment while the other one for climate control, comfort functions and text inputs.

When it comes to remote parking facility, A7 is very much similar to the AI features of A8. The all-new A7 has come up with a unique feature of rear-wheel steering facility for the very first time in the history ever, which will definitely attract a lot of car enthusiasts.

The long-awaited A7 will be produced at Neckarsulm Facility in Germany. Customers will have to wait till 2018 to book their dream car, which will cost them 62,225 euros.

Bentley Arnage Limousine

Reinforcing its position as the exclusive manufacturer in order to offer the true coach built commissions and after a significant growth of a year, Bentley Mulliner proudly brought out the new Arnage Limousine. It was built according to the direct response of the wishes of the customers of Bentley brand, around the globe.  Unlike other cars like the famous high roof Arnage of Bentley or state Limousine, which is especially manufactured for the people who use it in ceremonies, the recently released limousine was designed for the people who give value to their privacy.

Immediately recognizable from other models of Limousines of Bentley by the broad D-pillar aft placed at the rear doors of the car, the recent Limousine helps the passengers at the rear to sit deeply adjourned with a luxurious and unique interior. One look of the Limousine tells about the way the style has been changed. Because of the style change, there is also change in the Arnage’s visual feel too.

The important and primary modifications made to the car include the addition of 18 inch division of bodywork inside the wheelbase. The chassis of the car is also modified in order to accommodate the extra weight of the 18 inch division. Mostly, the customers of such cars prefer to travel at the rear seats. So, the extra added wheelbase occupied the place of 8 inches of the additional length placed in the D-pillar.

In terms of engineering, craftsmanship and styling, creation of such a car is a massive challenge. As there is a team of experts working on a committed department of Bentley Motors, according to the desires of customers Bentley Mulliner can respond with great speed. Due to this reason, creation of the car based on the complexity of new Limousine may take another manufacturer more than three years. The outcome is a car, which not only offers an unmatched comfort and a spacious, sumptuous rear cabin. From every angle it is pleasing aesthetically outside and inside.

Limousine is a majestic and large sized car but also discreet, subtle, and avoids ostentation. It is such a car, which cannot be invoked out of obscurity. This is not only because of its scrupulous engineering and design. This modification is something, which cannot be acquired or bought. Amongst all the luxurious car manufacturers in the world, this legacy exists only at Bentley.